How this manual could help you

As an architect, app/service designer or project lead:

  • You need the most current and relevant information and content to ensure you can deliver effectively.
  • You need to understand the correct governance processes to follow and who you can speak to for help and support.
  • Most importantly you need to be able to see what has already been done; pre-approved standards, policies and principles to form application development and architectural decisions.

The result? You can develop and launch projects faster and more efficiently to improve the lives of patients, clinicians and NHS workers, ensuring public money doesn’t get wasted through duplicating efforts and creating a documented audit trail of your governance journey.

This manual is designed to help all architects, designers of apps and services and project professionals get to the right information faster through guided navigation. Simply select what you want to achieve either from the homepage or using the side navigation and let the manual take you to the relevant content.

Where available, we will also recommend additional information or resources which might be useful to you and your job.

If you have any content you would like to add or update within the manual, please email your request to

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